elionwyr: (looking at her bag of chocolate drizzled-popcorn, which she has just referred to as a certain illegal addictive substance) "Oh, but you don't like dark chocolate, do you?"

Me: "No... which will guarantee I stay out of your crack."

(juvenile snickering ensued)

Yarn & Goodies MDA Raffle

Apologies to those of you who are seeing this multiple times!

Team Knitsburgh (consisting of myself, bethb, and adelheid_p) is holding an amazing raffle full of yarny goodness, books, patterns, and more!

All money raised goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association to fund research. Research costs $87 per minute, and as a team we’d like to raise enough money for 10 minutes' worth. That's $870, so we really need your help! To learn more about Muscular Dystrophy, and how research is changing the lives of children and adults, visit the MDA’s website.

Here’s how the raffle works. For every three dollars you donate, you get one chance in the raffle. If you donate $15, you get 6 chances (1 free!). So, if you donate $21, you get 8 chances. If you’re feeling generous, and you donate $30, you get 12 tickets (2 free!). Get the idea? Once you’ve donated, PM me here or on Ravelry (my user name there is "owlsnest") with your real name and address, how much you’ve donated, and which item or items you’d like a chance to win. If you don’t specify an item, I get to choose the item for you. If you have any questions, post them below or PM me and I'll answer them.

The raffle runs through 2/16/11. To donate, click the 'Donate Now' button on my secure fund-raising page. One last thing before you start looking -- none of us has a lot of extra cash (if we did, we'd be donating it to MDA!), so if you win, we'll be asking you to pay the postage. Items will be sent Priority Mail in the US, and whichever way is safest and still cost-effective for overseas.

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Oh heck, here's a teaser:
16. "The Knit Kit" (7 essential knitting tools in one)
Noro Lily Multi (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)
1 hank, 119 yds - colorway 123, dye lot A (blue / green / fuschia)

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Finally bound off the first of the baby blankets! =D

I already started the second (of four) - which is maybe 1/8th done at this point - before finishing the first. I won't have two of them ready for my Otaku!coworker's baby shower, but November is now over and I can switch my focus back from writing to knitting.

Oh yeah, never mentioned that I was doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I swore I wasn't going to - then during my lunch break at work on November 2, I opened up a new Word document and started typing madly away. *sigh*

Despite starting a day late (and a few brain cells short), I crossed the 50,000 word mark just before midnight on November 27th. It's my first "win" that didn't have me scrambling to get the last few hundred words in on the 30th.

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Sometimes a Cigar is an infertile race horse, and sometimes a Windows Security Alert really is just a Windows Security Alert.

Before I crashed early this morning, I spotted the little red shield icon down in my task bar and thought, "Well crap, I've got the same icon that's been driving elionwyr nuts all night!" So I updated Spybot and ran that before going to bed.

sealgair took a look at it this afternoon, after I'd downloaded a second recommended malware removal & prevention tool, run that and still found nothing. Lo and behold, the little red icon I'd been fretting about turned out to be NOT a virus or malware, but Windows Update complaining that I wouldn't give it free rein to download whatever it felt like onto my laptop.

Which... um, no. I only trust Micro$quish a couple of notches more than the malware folks. **I** want final say what gets installed on my machine, thanks. Still, one setting change was enough to get rid of the icon. And now all my virus and spyware protection is updated, woo.
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Just so you all know...

elionwyr and sealgair are made of awesome and win. They are at the finish line now of 24 straight hours of blogging for charity. They've stayed awake the full time, and kept up with their postings *despite* having to deal with computer viruses borking Elionwyr's computer(s).

It's not too late to check 'em out and support their causes!

Congratulations, you two! ♥

A Morning Reminder

Walked into the Dunkin Donuts this morning to pick up blogger fuel for those beginning their 24-hour marathon. I passed a mother and her maybe 3-year-old son on the way to the counter; the boy gave me an adorable little-stinker grin as I went by. He had a cup of milk in front of him, and a chocolate donut broken into pieces.

As I waited in line, he rapidly devolved from "cute" into "brat" as he whined at his mother that he didn't want to eat the donut. They went back and forth a couple of times, with the increasingly harried mother reminding him that it'd be a long time until lunch and he needed to eat something and the kid refusing.

Finally, he whined out "I want ice cream!" and started in on that very insincere sort of crying that kids do when they're not really hurt or upset - just trying to get their own way even if it means embarrassing their parents in public.

And I was reminded once again of why I never had the urge to be a breeder. >,0

B Minus 10 hours (and some-odd)

We have a sealgair in the house (yay!), and the Blogathon prep continues.

I intend to make myself useful by fetching something for breakfast, but then I may go out to hit a couple of yard sales and/or the sidewalk sales in Oakmont (to see if Yarns by Design have any really good specials out). Depending on how long that takes, I'll probably spend some time working on my Ravelry swap handmade item before cooking chili for dinner.

Don't know yet if I'll be more useful playing cheerleader, or staying the heck outta the way and letting them focus on writing.

How NOT to Start Your Sunday

1. Stay awake until 2 a.m.
2. Get awakened by a pair of screaming, fighting felines right outside your bedroom window at 4:30 a.m.
- 2a. Worry briefly about neighbor's white cat, who is probably one of the combatants
3. Put in earplugs and go back to sleep, only to OVERsleep considerably
4. Watch your own (beloved but geriatric) cat put her front paws in the litterbox, decide that's close enough, and pee on your bedroom floor instead of the litter

*facepalm* Where's the do-over button for life?
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Sunday To-Do List

* Pick up dining room table
* Plant raspberry canes
* Plant lilac bush
* Frame 2 more pictures
* Hang pictures (2 down, 2 to go)
* Meet pick-up for Freecycle TV
* Laundry
* Mow lawn before it rains!
* Fall over ded

I'm awfully close to that last item on the list, even though I haven't checked off all the others yet. 8P Mowing the lawn about did me in.

The lilac probably could wait another day or two, I just picked it up from the nursery today - but I'd rather get that placed before it rains, too. Laundry... really really needs to be done for this next work week. Hanging pictures can wait.

There. I've prioritized the rest. Woo.